About Me

I was first introduced to the violin through a scholarship from the Washington Old Time Fiddlers in 2010. Now, years later, I still have not gotten tired of practicing and performing.

A self-proclaimed ambassador of "music-in-general", I have explored a variety of different genres of music including: Old-Time, Irish, Celtic, Romanian, Klezmer, Cape Breton, Hungarian, Gypsy, Scottish, Classical, New England Contra Dance style, and, most recently, been absolutely blown away by the world of Jazz and improvised musics such as Gypsy Jazz and Swing.

I have taught myself fiddle since I began playing, but after having taken two years of strictly Classical lessons with Ronald Patterson in Seattle, I have embarked on a journey of not only teaching myself fiddle, but also maintaining a Classical technique and constantly upping my factilities by myself. There are many more projects and performances in my future, and, while I hope to get a Bachelors degree in Jazz Performance, I am taking multiple gap years and focusing on building my career and performing.

Immensely enjoying musical performance, I've played a wide range of venues and events ranging from solos with the Port Angeles Symphony, to performing at state and county fairs, fundraisers, benefits, private parties, and talent shows.

After releasing my solo album, "Jump" (David Rivers on guitar), I continue to not only perform with David, but, as a duo, play for contra dances as well. My next album is currently in the works, along with multiple band projects, and gigging with fellow musicians in Seattle.