My Experience at Centrum's "Festival of American Fiddle Tunes"

So I had some pretty weird things happen to me at Fiddle Tunes... 

1. Wrote a completely diatonic tune. 

2. Had this 90-year-guy refer to me as "Mom" all week. 

3. Said "thank you" out loud to an automatic soap dispenser. 

4. Out of all the cups of coffee, I only managed to carry ONE across the floor without spilling it. Only one. 

5. Previously mentioned soap dispenser later took some form of revenge on me by dispensing some on my shirt sleeve. 

6. Got a lecture about the fact that I should learn to play in flat keys. *Runs through pizzicato Db scales and arpeggios (at 120bpm) pretending to be listening...* 

7. For about 30 seconds, I decided I didn't ever want to see another cup of coffee in my life. 

I don't know how that last one ever happened... Anyway, Fiddle Tunes was pretty fun; I'll probably be some semblance of "back next year"...

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