Violin Lessons

Having years of experience in performing, practicing, and taking lessons (in many genres of music), I have compiled all my knowledge into cohesive techniques and approaches that are non-traditional, unique, inventive, intuitive, natural, and fun. 

In short and bullet-pointed, here's what I do:

  • Functional technique
  • Practicing effectively
  • Reaching your personal goals

In long, amazingly written and well-worded sentences and paragraphs, here's what I do:

My Approach

My goal is to show students how to think for themselves, how to make musical decisions in line with their vision for the music, how to be intentional, and how to express themselves fully by giving them a level of technique that makes that possible. I will almost never tell a student what to do. It's not important to me that students follow instructions blindly. My intent is to give them information and the technique to make fully informed musical decisions on their own.

I teach problem-solving skills and how to practice effectively. 

I believe that to be able to fully express oneself, a solid technical foundation has to be there. Without that, there is nothing for the emotion to be supported by. The technique I teach is relaxed and catered to each individual student. There is no one-size-fits-all with the violin. I combine the fluidity and carefree attitude of traditional and Celtic styles with the control and precision of Classical to reach a nice, well-rounded medium that is functional for anything.

I don't have a set curriculum that I teach from. I think that students should choose what they want to learn, supplemented by technique to get them there. I have experience in most all of the styles, and am comfortable teaching any of them. However, if a student doesn't know what they want to learn, I have a crash-course, try-out-everything method as well. Until they figure out what they want of course, we don't want to be crash-coursing the whole time.




Please contact me even if you're only vaguely interested, I would love to hear from you! The very first lesson is free so there's no harm in trying it out...