Additional Skills

I've been arranging music since I began playing! My experience ranges from Celtic, Jazz, Classical, solo violin, original compositions, orchestral, to just plain-old-cool-music-with-electric-bass-and-drums.
Performance Coach
I have extensive experience with musical performance, and can help get people emotionally prepared for the show, teach them how to react if something goes wrong, how to problem-solve and end up with a solution in under 2 seconds while retaining calmness on stage, how to address the audience, how to get comfortable being uncomfortable on stage, and many other things. If interested, contact me, and I will supply you with rates, a date and time to meet, a suitably weird performance coach, and some helpful tips for your next gig.
Audio Engineer
I am currently an associate engineer at Jeremy Cays Productions. Check out their website for full details on gear, staff, services, rates, and more.
Having branched out into the composing world, I've written nearly 80 fiddle tunes since 2015, a few jazz songs, and multiple orchestral compositions. My suite for chamber orchestra (called "Four") is my most recent work.
Recording Artist
You can order my new album, "Jump" from CD Baby by clicking here, or, reach me through my contact page and I'll get you set up with a copy.
I'm an avid "by-ear" person, but I also love sheet music. So. Combine the two and you get... a transcriber! Having hours and hours of experience, I can help turn your arrangement into sheet music.
Music Nerd
My toes started being dipped in the "World of Nerd" in late 2015... Since then, I've drowned multiple times. I have a passion for all the cool stuff that music is made up of. The stuff that no one likes to talk about, you know, M9 chords, the difference between D# and Eb, overall boredom with 1-4-5 patterns, what tone IS the microwave actually beeping in? and just general love of #11 chords in any way, shape, or form. I love having conversations about this sort of thing, so if you have a nerdy conversation to involve me in, or any question in general... contact me. Also, visit my blog, The World of Nerd. It's pretty rad.
Session Musician
Need some sweet violin and/or fiddle lines on your record? I have experience sight reading pre-written parts on the spot, composing stuff on the fly, or learning anything by ear.