What People Are Saying

"I had the privilege of recording Kate’s original debut CD “Jump” back in the spring of 2016. Besides her composition skills, I was instantly hit with surprise as I witnessed her ability to improvise like a veteran musician and to refine her performances in very subtle ways. Her ear for music was also very evident and a bit intimidating to be honest, especially considering her age of just 16 years at the time. The project was very enjoyable (and everyone should buy her CD!).

After completing the recording, Kate starting interning at my studio (Jeremy Cays Productions) and since has become an invaluable resource for me and my business. There is much to say about the abilities she has, but to save you from several minutes of reading, let me just say: Kate is incredible. Her skills include: sound engineering, arranging, composing, recording with virtual instruments (and making them sound real), transcribing/notating, sound editing, and oh yeah…professional fiddle and violin playing. She continues to grow at all of these skills (as well as juggle classes at PC) and all of this at just 17 years old. It really doesn’t quite seem fair to other people!

Her musical abilities on the fiddle continually astound me. She can play virtually any style of music, which for a string player, is really quite rare. In the studio, this is really useful as the genre of music can vary substantially. In concert, it makes for a great show. As a performer, Kate is quirky, entertaining, and very endearing. Her audiences love her and always look forward to attending her next concert. If you have the pleasure of supporting Kate by attending her concerts, buying her CD, or hiring her for one of her many other skills, I highly encourage you to do so!"
~ Jeremy Cays (owner of Jeremy Cays Productions--a high-tech recording and music production studio in Sequim WA)

"I have had the double pleasure of both working with and listening to Kate Powers as a performer.  

As the conductor of the Peninsula Men’s Gospel Singers, I hired her to play her violin at our 2016 Christmas concert. Kate showed up on time for rehearsals and performances.   She was prepared musically and professionally (with gear, music and appropriate dress).  I make a point of mentioning this as, for someone her age, she is beyond her years in terms of responsibility.  I would count on her as I would any reputable professional musician.

As for her talent as a performer, I have been wowed along with countless others on the Olympic Peninsula at her performances of her original music and arrangements. Full disclosure--Kate works with my son, David Isaac Rivers, a guitarist and Berklee Alum.  
(The two of them are wonderful together.)  Kate’s writing and playing is passionate, daring, whimsical, and completely musical.  I understand from my studio friends that she also has great recording chops.  All in all, I find Kate Powers to be one of those extremely talented and dedicated musicians that come along once in a blue moon to just bless this world with her music.  Hear her! Hire her! You can expect great things."
~ Michael Rivers (Singer / Songwriter, Producer, Conductor, Multi-Instrumentalist)

“When Kate Powers first joined the Peninsula College Jazz Ensemble on violin in March 2016, I knew that she was a very accomplished performer in orchestral, chamber and solo music of the classical tradition as well as of Bluegrass, Celtic and Old-Time Fiddling.  She took to jazz like the proverbial duck to water and has become one of our most treasured soloists.  The crowds adore her and she is also highly respected by the members of the jazz band, many of whom have been playing jazz for a much longer time.  To fit the fiddle in with a traditional jazz big band, I have composed and arranged several charts to show off her considerable reading/improvising skills and Kate has responded in a most professional and creative fashion.  It is an exhilarating experience for me as a composer and conductor.  I am going to compose as many violin + big band charts as I can while she is still here in our midst.  Kate Powers is truly a multi-faceted jewel of the North Olympic music scene.  Catch every one of her concerts and buy every one of her recordings!”
~ Dr. David Jones (Head of the Music Program and Director of the Jazz Ensemble, Peninsula College)